We offer a range of services to keep your machine happy, healthy, and legal.

Please note – We do not service domestic coffee machines

Boiler inspection

For peace of mind, the boiler inspection keeps your machine and your mind free from worry. With a full examination internally and externally including the steam pressure boiler and its pressure system, plus pipework. You can be sure that your coffee machine is in safe hands.


For the shiny new machines or the recent refurbs, to a second-hand gem, we offer our installation service for your espresso machine. Bespoke quotes are given for those who want their machine tailored to best fit their blend.

Commercial coffee grinder service

The once over that your grinder needs, from replacing burrs and an internal look over, this service keeps your grinder in tip top condition, so you know your beans are reaching their full potential.

General front end service

The once over for your coffee machine, it’s important to service your machine regularly to keep it performing it’s best. This service includes group heads, steam/hot water tap, level probe, anti-vacuum valve and a boiler safety valve check.

Workshop Full Service and Descale

The full works for a new start. Maybe it’s the end or start of your season and you want to have a fresh system ready to get going. This service includes stripping back the machine to descale the boiler and pipework. It’s then rebuilt with new valves and any replacement parts that are required.

PSSR 2000 Examination

A statutory requirement that should be carried out every 12 months to cover the safe use of your pressure system in your espresso machine

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