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Commercial Espresso Machine Repair

Barista 999 is a Kent based espresso machine repair company offering servicing, maintenance, repairs, and inspections to anyone who may need it.

Our Fast Response policy ensures we can attend your espresso machine emergency to get you back up and running within no time!

Please note – We do not service domestic coffee machines

Espresso Machine Servicing and PSSR Testing

Have you had your machine PSSR tested? We know you’ve got a lot to think about, which is why our PSSR testing is a headache free process. By law, machines need to meet Pressure System Safety Regulations which protects pressure equipment and the people in the nearby environment. We are CoffeeSafe registered to carry out PSSR testing in house, which means we can keep you and your business safe and functioning.

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Starting up? Shiny new machine? Refurbished gem? We can get your machine plumbed in and calibrated for you so that you can begin to serve coffee the moment we leave!

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Service & Maintenance

Overdue a service? Want to keep things fresh? PSSR safety checked? We offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your machine spick & span, and legal.

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Losing your flow? Hearing funny noises? Not running like it used to? Don’t worry, we offer a repair service that can help your machine get back to what you know and love.

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