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La Spaziale

La Spaziale is renowned for being among the leading manufacturers of espresso coffee machines. With 65 years of expertise, this distinguished Italian brand offers high-quality espresso machines to consumers. They combine state-of-the-art technology with the exquisite craftsmanship of Italy to deliver top-notch espresso machines to the market.


Crem stands as a premier company specializing in manufacturing and supplying coffee machines designed for commercial establishments, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, catering services, and office settings. Crem’s coffee machines are celebrated for their exceptional quality in beverage preparation and feature an intuitive design, making them ideal for professional applications.


Fracino are a highly acclaimed British manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines. Renowned as a leading brand, their innovative prowess has led to their impressive achievements, including the global export of their machines to more than 70 countries across five continents. Within the UK, their machines are prominently featured in thriving coffee shops, upscale boutique hotels, gastro pubs, and restaurants, consistently delivering exceptional coffee and generating substantial profits for the retailers who employ them.


Since 1975, Iberital’s mission has revolved around equipping baristas in over 90 countries with innovative and dependable tools, specially designed to not only cater to their requirements but also to facilitate their exploration of the vast coffee world while nurturing their skill development.

Victoria Arduino

From its very beginning, Victoria Arduino has concentrated on delivering top-quality espresso-making tools to professional baristas, seamlessly blending aesthetic elegance with innovative, user-friendly features.

These high-end machines are brimming with state-of-the-art technology, setting the standard that others strive to emulate. Crafted, sculpted, and meticulously manufactured in Italy, they’re the product of master craftsmen and engineers. Striving to bring to life the machines that baristas around the globe have always envisioned.

Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli, an Italian company steeped in tradition and decades of experience, has been manufacturing espresso machines for global export since 1936. Presently, Nuova Simonelli proudly offers an extensive array of products that cater to the comprehensive needs of the hospitality industry.


Sanremo coffee machines, fueled by their commitment to design and innovation, are ideally suited for the contemporary era. Emphasizing safety, energy efficiency, and swift coffee service on the go.


JURA coffee machines are renowned for their commitment to the finest coffee quality, effortless operation, and striking design. Experience an array of speciality coffees with JURA, all available at the press of a button, and always prepared with freshly ground beans, never from capsules.


Azkoyen, with over 75 years of dedicated experience in simplifying lives. It strongly upholds the notion that simplicity represents the pinnacle of sophistication, and that ensuring a delightful experience is the most reliable avenue to favourable results.

They pursue their goal by introducing intelligent, innovative, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing automation solutions; designed to tackle evolving consumer challenges and deliver exceptional experiences for various needs and occasions.


Ascaso is known for its reliability in build – ‘our coffee machines have been designed following this philosophy: the construction of reliable, efficient, sustainable, easy-to-use, healthy, safe, and virtually eternal products. And making them well. Very well.’

EGRO (Bean to Cup)

Rancilio has been producing world-class coffee equipment since 1927. Egro introduced its first coffee machine in 1934. After decades of independent development, the two brands were fully joined in 2011. Focussing on Bean to Cup machines – they’re perfect for office environments.


UNIC’s entire manufacturing process is performed in France, where innovation and expertise meet style and the famous French flair. The company remains driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering a perfectly brewed cup of coffee time after time.

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