There are many common issues that can crop up in an espresso machine. Let’s face it, in a working environment it can be producing hundreds of drinks a day. That will eventually take a toll on the inner workings of your machine. So, let’s take a look at some common issues that may crop up.

The steam nozzle is not working.

  • Check that the steam knob is turning and hasn’t broken.
  • Check that the pressure gauge is displaying the correct pressure.
  • Make sure the nozzle is cleaned and that there are no blockages.

There is a leak!

  • Check the drain hose is clear of any blockages.
  • Check your input water supply.
  • Check your drip tray for blockages.

No hot water!

  • Check that your machine is at the correct pressure needed.
  • Check your boilers level.
  • Have you descaled recently?

My coffee is bitty!

  • Make sure the seal on the portafilter is sealed.
  • Make sure your grind isn’t too fine.
  • Check is your filters are intact and don’t need replacing.

My coffee tastes off.

  • Make sure you removed all the old coffee in the filter before adding more.
  • Check your grind is correct.
  • How fresh are your beans?

It’s really important that you regularly clean and descale your machine to ensure clean pipework and that no debris causes blockages to outer parts. If you fail to look after your machine, it will deteriorate quicker than usual and you may find you burn out internal parts of the machine, resulting in costly fixes.