PSSR stands for Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000. It is a legally required test that confirms the safety of your pressure system. Espresso is made using force, through pressure, which is why the espresso machine needs a PSSR inspection.

It is a statutory examination that must be carried out every 12 months to cover the safe use of pressure systems, such as your espresso machine. It is essentially a boiler check, without it, you may invalidate your warranty and insurance, but most importantly, your machine may not be safe and could harm yourself and others around you.

To break it down, it’s all about pressure. Pressure is used in coffee machines to force water through coffee pucks to create your cup of coffee. If you have seen or used an AeroPress, this is a similar concept, you have to force the water down to filter through the coffee.

In an espresso machine, there is a pressure relief valve that keeps this at a safe level. If the pressure looks like it’s creeping too high, the valve will open to release some pressure. However, if it malfunctions it means that the pressure inside has nowhere to go, which eventually will cause your machine to explode. Machines explode in lots of different ways. Sometimes the roof will blow off and up, and sometimes the walls bloat out or fly off. Sometimes the whole machine will jump in the air as you can see in the video below. Either way, it is best to avoid this situation, which is why a PSSR test is so important. Get in touch with us to book yours.